3D printing APPLICATION- Semiconductor

ICT Components 


Ceramic 3D printing innovation

A solution to conventional manufacturing for ICT Components 


3D printing can simplify the production of applications that require very small feature sizes as well as high complexity and excellent surface quality.


Printed materials can work at higher temperatures and pressures and can be used in corrosive and abrasive applications with precise tolerances.


Some examples include micro nozzles and valves with flow-optimized paths, micro rotors and micro milling tools, electronic applications.


The production of highly complex and precise ceramic components in the millimeter and sub-millimeter range requires a technology that meets the requirements of high accuracy and repeatability.


When it comes to small or thin objects, conventional techniques (such as milling, drilling, grinding, and ceramic injection molding) have limitations.


FRANZ System 3D printing technology can ensure the highest level of dimensional control and can produce parts smaller than 50 µm in size. *<10 µm on going