Interfacing with the Brain


Innovative 3D Ceramic and Metal Printed Probe for Neural Engineering


More effectively and Mass Customisation

3D Printed Ceramic Neural Probe

We’re designing the first ceramic neural probe via 3D printing. The neural probe is an integrated circuit chip that like microprocessor. The micron-scale 3D printed ceramic can insert into a not-open dura mater area in brain. That area senses and controls brain activities.


Main topics in 3D Printed Ceramic Neural Probe 

Our ceramic probe is made by 3D printing. 
Small-volume with large-variety production is viable.
You can design the probe in any from. 
Our ceramic probe is not only flexible but also strong enough to direct pass to the dura mater. 
Each electrodes of our probe are 3D type, which is easier for neural signal detecting.
Our probe is MRI-compatible MEMs design.