Franz Ceramic 3D printing applications for art

Our First Ceramic 3D Printed Artwork Created in 2015  


This fine ceramic artwork adopts a few novel technologies including additive manufacturing.   There are many fine details in this uncreditable  sculpture.   It suggests that ceramic 3D printing has tremendous potential possibilities.


High degree of complexity artwork
FRANZ COLLECTION INC developed the novel  ceramic 3D printing technology. This novel ceramic 3D printing can facilitate the mass and serial production of high degree of complexity artwork. Here are our special tips for a successful 3D print without supports!


It has high reproducibility after reverse engineering by a 3D scanner, and even produces extremely detailed and vivid three-dimensional works after decreasing the sizes.

With reverse-engineering by a 3D scanner,  the restoration is excellent.  Extremely detailed and vivid three-dimensional works after size-decreasing are reproduced very well.



A Ceramic 3D-Printed Logo Plate for a Limited-Edition Piano Co-Branded by Franz and Steinway & Sons